Sunday, 22 December 2013

Product Review: Lee Stafford My Big Fat Hair Shampoo

Heey guys I know it been ages since I last posted! I have been busy during the festive season!!!

Lee Stafford is one of my favorites and I recently tried their shampoo, "My Big Fat Hair Shampoo". At first I was worried that it would make my hair a million times thicker but its didn't. However it did add that natural bounce and life to my hair. I didn't try to matching conditioner because I just wanted to experiment if it suited my hair type which it did!

Basically the "My Big Hair Shampoo" is clear and thick type of shampoo. It also smells amazing which I look for in shampoo. My hair is quite oily after a day which sucks because it means I have to wash my long thick hair which takes forever, but this shampoo sort stopped it from happening. So if that's one of your problems this shampoo is amazeballs for it.

When I found it at Priceline (Available in most drugstore but Priceline to be sure is good) it was kind of pricey at $10.29 But I decided to treat myself after finishing my other shampoo.

The price is worth because it is just amazing! I do however want to purchase their blondes shampoo because I have some blondes in my hair which looks brassy some days. I've done my "researched" and it seem good too but I have to use one a week according to advice by other bloggers!

Hope you guys found this helpful (pls be patient I have just started to this sort of thing)

Smiles, Rayahh x

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